10 Quick Guides To Mental Well-being In Time of Coronavirus

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10 Quick Guides To Mental Well-being In Time of Coronavirus

10 Quick Guides To Mental Well-being In Time of Coronavirus

  1. Check your employment & benefit rights. Are you worried about work and money? These can have a big effect on your mental health. Find out all you can about Government support. If you have not already, talk with your employer. Understand your sick pay and benefits rights. Knowing these details can reduce your worry and help you feel more in control.
  2. Plan how to carry out practical things such as shopping (visiting shops, online or via friends/family)
  3. Stay connected with others. Its paramount to maintain your healthy relationships with people you trust. Consider the easiest ways to stay in touch – by phone, SMS, Video calls, social media etc
  4. Don’t bottle your worries in, talking is important. Remember, everyone is a bit worried, scared and helpless about the current situation. We’re all going through it and it’s OK to share concerns with people we trust. Doing so may help your friends/family too.
  5. Look after your body. Its easy at times like this to fall into unhealthy patterns of behaviour. This unfortunately may impact on our mental health. Try to eat healthy, well balanced meals and drinks. Drinking enough water is important. Avoid smoking, drugs and drinking too much alcohol. Exercise helps get the blood flowing and cleaning our system. There are a lot of free online classes to join.
  6. Stay on top of difficult feelings. Understand that everyone is concerned about coronavirus and its effects. Try not to let it affect your day to day life by focusing on things you can control including making sure you get your coronavirus information from the right (government) source.
  7. Try not to stay glued to the news! Limit the time you spend listening to coverage of outbreaks. This include news and information on social media. It maybe a good idea to turn-off breaking-news alerts on your phone and rely more on trustworthy sources such as https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
  8. Carry on doing things you enjoy. Make an effort to focus on your hobbies or start new hobbies. Find something that will give you joy, including learning something new. There are lots of free tutorials and courses online.
  9. Take time to relax, it helps with difficult emotions and worries. It will also help improve your wellbeing.
  10. And get a good sleep! Quality sleep makes a big difference to how we feel and see our world. Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern and sticking to good sleep practices helps a lot.

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10 Quick Guides To Mental Well-being In Time of Coronavirus

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