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A Certified Neuro-Science Practitioner

Assisting Businesses Grow

My job is assisting my business clients (companies, owners, entrepreneurs, and executive managers) to improve their performances. I am exceptionally good at unlocking my clients’ full potential (which I believe we all have), so I will help you tap into your hidden capabilities and skills that will enable you to work at your optimum best. Through my coaching, my clients develop the skills and behaviors they require for ultimate success. I am a Certified Neuro Science Practitioner. I use the incredible advances in “Cognitive Sciences” to accelerate my clients’ success.

I will guide you to understand and tap into the human behavioral processes that we all take for granted. We will tune up your innate and inherent strength and effectiveness, and tap into your resilience, your creativity, adaptability, and strategic thinking.  These will help you and your organization achieve growth and profitability in a consistent and sustainable way. These can be achieved in both your business and personal life.

Working with Companies

Your Business Coaching

Your business coaching can either be a one-to-one session(s) or involve your entire team. I am very effective and uniquely different from other coaches. I use Neuro-Science Processes that are science-based, and dependent on how your brain works. The Neuro-Science Methodology helps you understand how your conscious and subconscious mind work. With guidance, you can predict and address obstacles whilst taking hold of and seizing opportunities! It is simply amazing that, based on Cognitive Sciences, you can now plan and implement things that will lead you to your Personal Bliss!

Neuro-Science method is a holistic precision process that is designed around each client’s unique requirements. We start by getting to know your unique self; we then identify the areas that you want to improve, we look at areas you are strong at, at your goals and how you set them in the past, what worked etc. Once these are satisfied, we start to then design a bespoke plan of action.


Style & Approach

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Being positive

Start your Journey with Pat

You get my support throughout your journey. I am an amazing accountability and feedback partner. I will guide you through your set priorities, help you gain clarity and take the necessary steps you need, making sure you know how precious you are. I will work with you to make sure that you achieve your goals.

Range & Areas Covered

  • Issues that affect your business success including organizational structure
  • Team building for business
  • Individual personal growth
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Mind-set development
  • Business Strategies
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Financial management


Please Note: The last three areas (Business, Sales, Marketing Strategies and Financial Management), depending on depth may need outside experts I work with.

In conclusions, my main objective in coaching businesses is to help them overcome obstacles and unlock their full potentials which of course will be anchored on their specific business objectives.


Books by Pat Clough

Journals with Prompts and Guides

Guided Journal for Women With Meaningful Prompts 

Guided Journal for Young Women With Meaningful Prompts 

Guided Journal for Young Men With Meaningful Prompts 

Guided Journal for Men With Meaningful Prompts 

Inspirational Quotes

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