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A warm welcome from us to you! Let’s explore life together; let’s get healthier and smarter. Our articles are written to stimulate thought, questions and expand your knowledge on the issues of wellnessfinance and beauty; matter that empower and help you see how amazing you are.

We invite you to journey with us. Enjoy our carefully curated experts. They will help you get wiser and crystallize your vision in your quest to creating the life you deserve.  

~ Pat Clough


Your Life for Optimum Results

The Neuro-Science Method therapy fills the limitations of traditional therapy in developing; enhancing and uniting the abilities you need to tap into and use your mental, physical and spiritual powers to the highest level.
I provide the essential tools for your healing, the repairs you need to grow. I will guide you to create a more vibrant, authentic, and joyful life.
It is time, each one of us ask ourselves; are we truly living our authentic lives, are we living it to the best of our potentials.
Science has shown that our Brains are “Pattern Dictators” that continuously learn. This is amazing because it means that “The sky is literally the limit”. I ask you to trust in Science, come; lets tap into  “Neuroplasticity” and explore how you can use it to achieve whatever you want in life.
When was the last time you asked yourself these mundane, but

Deep questions?

· What is your purpose in life 
· What are your beliefs 
· What are your values
· And what effect do these have in your behavior today? On your life? On your happiness? Your successes and your traumas?
My work involves unlocking your innate abilities, to awaken you to behaviors you exhibit but are not serving you positively anymore? Behaviors that are distracting and stopping you from achieving and reaching your potentials, from being the best? 
My job is to help you, using Neuroscience-Backed methods from the best, renowned Scientists, to sync and align your goals and values to your talents, skills and energy, All these we do in practical, easy to apply formats. I will help you to pull and utilize your physical, mental, and spiritual abilities for ultimate joy, purpose and life fulfilment.
You will have a richer, more content life today, that is sustained going into your future because working with my Science-Backed methods ensures that the results you get, work and stick permanently.
Contact me today, let’s get to it.
Pat Clough
Develop Your Self-Knowledge & Self- Determination

Purposeful living is very important because it gives meaning to your life. It positively affects your emotional landscape, your relationships and your sense of achievement. Purpose is so important; that it is also associated with robust physical health.

Unfortunately, Purpose is not inherent in us. YOU MUST LOOK FOR IT, CREATE IT or LEARN IT. Some of us may be lucky and happen upon it but majority of us struggle to discover, understand and fulfil our “WHYs”

Self- Determination Theory helps as it delineates three basic psychological needs for your well-being

  • Autonomy of our Actions
  • Competence in what we do
  • Relatedness to all around us

These are achievable. The question is, how do you go about achieving them; the hard way or the smart way? This is where I come in. My job, my method that is science-backed, is proven to help you achieve these; to give you clarity, understanding and confidence in YOUSELF.

You will have a happier life by knowing and focusing on what you were born to do, which in turn makes you competent, more productive and fulfilled for you and people around you.



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Beautiful author with a great service...
Beautiful author with a great service...
Kingsley Iwenofu Mckings
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I bought a Prayer Journal for men from this site and the experience was wonderful. The prayer journal arrived on time and the content was just as advertised. I am happy with their service.
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I bought 2 prayer journals from…
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Lovely 😍 prayer book
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Bought this lovely book for my mother…
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