Guide to Keeping Fit – Exercise

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Guide to Keeping Fit – Exercise

Guide to Keeping Fit – Exercise

With physical activities, you have to make sure to exercise at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be in the gym. Use what you have – walk to the bus stop, to the shops, to your kids’ school. Any type of exercise is better than none.

If you can’t easily get to the gym, simple things like Walking, Star Jumps, Squats done quickly will get your blood warmed and heart rate up. Commit to doing some exercise each day.

If you are housebound and can’t go for walks, try “Chair Exercises” (there are a lot on the internet) and Gentle Yoga.

The main thing here is being active – Take the Stairs whenever you can. If using public transport, alight at a stop before your normal stop and walk the rest of the way home. You’ll be amazed at how doing these will loosen your joints, Boost Your Mood and Relieve Stress.

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“Guide to Keeping Fit – Exercise” has good exercising advice

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