Guide to personal growth and wellness Part 1

Leadership, Personal Growth Coach & Author

Guide to personal growth and wellness Part 1

Guide to personal growth and wellness Part 1


Welcome to my guide to personal growth and wellness. I’m excited to have you with me.  The only prerequisite is total honestly to oneself!  Remember this is purely about you. For now, it’s all about you, anyone else (partner, children, family, work colleagues, friends….) Are you ready?


Now, imagine looking at yourself in the mirror – You are alone in the room. Now, a question! If you’re asked “Life-Questions”, would you be totally honest with yourself? If your answer is a resounding YES, fantastic! But if not, equally good because you are here, this very minute reading this article!


My Guide Articles are the beginning of an incredible journey for each of us. It’s a journey of Self Examination, Self Love, and Self Appreciation – all of which lead to one place “ill health”.

Most of us have spent the majority of our time looking after other people’s needs – parents, children, bosses, colleagues, friends; it’s an endless list.

With my guide, I’ll be your “Mirror”. And in little time, there will NO MORE FALSE BELIEFS! My guides define ways you’ll use to happily highlight and reflect your life patterns. They’ll make you aware or confirm your great capabilities and what/where you shine! You’ll be able to look at areas you neglected in both your personal and work lives – a holistic appraisal of you, an amazing entity.


My Blogs are to help you find the balance and ensure that you shine and Turn Your Life into Something You Love!


We’ll be covering issues such as:

  1. Lifestyle Changes ~ Optimum Physical Health.
  2. Lifestyle Changes ~ Creating Good Emotional Health.
  3. Finance, where we look at different types of Investment Vehicles, such as Venture Investing, Stock Market, Real Estate, Commodity, Preference Shares, Futures, Diamonds, Hedge Fund, Deposit Account, Investing Of Art, Gold, Classic Cars etc.
  4. Health, Food & Nutrition.
  5. Relationship including Dating and issues it comes with:

*          Dating in this century, Website Dating, Dating Apps, etc – How to find and nurture the right relationship.

*          How to date and communicate in the early stages.

*          Looking at your past eating habits and what impacted your dating success. Do you attract only the wrong types? How to build healthier behaviors.

*          How to take relationships to the next level.

*          How to improve longer-term relationships, including couples communication.

Let’s start this wonderful, self-enhancing journey – a new year with awesome potentials I look forward to going on this amazing journey with you.

You can learn more about Wellness, Personal Growth, and Business Insight from Pat Clough

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