How to achieve Healthy-Eating

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How to achieve Healthy Eating

How to achieve Healthy-Eating

-In this part of our Healthier Lifestyle Guide, we’ll be looking at how to develop Healthy Eating habits. To achieve optimum Healthy Eating, start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What does your present diet consist of?
  2. Do you know the consequences and benefits of each food group in your meals?
  3. Do you acknowledge that for a Healthy Lifestyle, you have to adopt a healthy eating regime of only healthy and fresh food?
  4. Start exploring the amazing arrays of foods and supplements around you. This is a great time to start. Currently, there is a wide range of fruits and vegetables. With new technologies, there are incredible Super-Foods packaged for easy access and use. I’ve listed some in our Cheat ListJ Also; Super and Local markets now carry good varieties of fresh ingredients from around the world.

How about trying different ways of preparing vegetables and fruits? Try experimenting with raw vegetable meals! This is quite simply eating vegetables you like such as carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes. Use your favorite dips to make them interesting and yummy. Humus is pretty popular now but there are a few other great dips around.

Try making some dips yourself! This is great as you will know what exactly is in the dip(s).

My Tips:     ~ Persevere if things don’t work out immediately. Don’t give up.

~ Try other ways! New technologies have made it possible to have amazing, scientifically formulated, natural ingredients SUPER-FOODS. See my list of incredible options at the end of the article.

  1. Learn how many calories are in the food you like. This will help you decide which foods to cut down on and which to cut off completely.
  2. Be aware of the amount of carbohydrate versus protein in each of your meals.

My Tip:      ~ Use smaller plates as opposed to large serving plates. You’ll be amazed how many unnecessary portions you can cut off.  

  1. Reduce your salt and sugar intake drastically. Where possible, leave them off your meals entirely.
  2. If you are overweight, your daily goal is to burn more calories than you take-in! (We’ll look at weight management in another article). One important point here is recognising that, apart from Liposuction; the only other way to lose excess weight is to reduce the amount of energy (food) intake and increase the amount of energy you use. You MUST have a negative energy balance to lose weight!

My Tips:     ~ Consider these alternative options at the end of the article. They’ll help you lose and maintain your weight.   

All in all, relaxed and practical you are what is needed! Don’t be uptight about these guides! It’s important that you have fun on this beautiful journey. It will hurt your progress if you see this process as a punishment or a Fad Diet. Always remember, that these lifestyle changes will hold you in good stead for life.

The last point here is to talk about “Sweet Treats”.  If you must have them, then only after you have established a good nutritional system of Healthy and fresh foods. All sweets, if introduced to your diet, must be in small proportions!

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Best Wishes        ~Pat Clough

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