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How to achieve your Goals in life and What Is Goal

What Is Goal and How to Achieve Goals in Life

Empowerment is using your strengths, capabilities and knowledge to get the best that the universe have in store for you. Personal empowerment means that you direct your life; you unlock your truest potential and start working at your optimum level to achieve your dreams; this in turn means a happy and fulfilled life.

Being empowered means seeing obstacles and challenges as opportunities to learn, develop and grow.

Your personal empowerment is not only about understanding that you have the power to direct your life but in BELIEVING that you CAN! You have the power and the abilities to make your life exactly what you want.  This is supported by new studies in the Brain’s Neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to keep developing and reorganize itself, forming new neural pathways throughout our life. This means that you can grow, develop, and learn new things at any age. Knowing and applying this to your life means if you focus your attention enough, you can slowly rewire your brain pathways – The sky is truly the limit for each and every one of us.

Achieving Goals in Life

Now that we know we can change our lives, let’s look at how we can achieve our Goals in life. In addition to Neuroplasticity, it has been scientifically proven that:

  • Your negative BELIEFS
  • When you listen to negative comments and assertions from others about your life,
  • When you allow others’ toxic energy to wear you down and
  • When you fail to believe in yourself

All chipped away on your ability to succeed.

Science has proven that it is possible to get away from under these, to change and empower yourself. It has been shown that incremental application of empowerment processes work. Working by yourself or with a qualified Practitioner can help to achieve this. The secret is to start small and gradually build up momentum.

So, start embracing your life today, there is no time better than the moment. Start taking the necessary steps to take back and stay in control.

How to achieve your Goals in life

Cultivating the following habits will put you on the right path

Step 1: Be Authentic to Yourself

  1. Do the things that inspire you
  2. Do things you love
  3. Don’t allow people to change who you are, remember that you can’t please everyone, so
  4. Live your life as your genuine self

Step 2: Don’t compete with other people

  1. Continually thinking of what others are doing will only slow you down
  2. Focus on what’s important to you

Step 3: Be Assertive and Take Action

  1. You can’t achieve much without taking the necessary action
  2. Know what you want
  3. Stand your ground
  4. Go for it
  5. If you are afraid, then start small and slowly grow. Remember, this applies to everyone
  6. Start today, don’t wait anymore!

Step 4: You Must Trust Yourself –

  1. Believe in Your Power!
  2. You are capable
  3. It may mean that you start slow and small, but the more you do, the more competent you become
  4. And the less mistakes you will make each time
  5. Trust and believe in yourself

Step 5: Continue To Seek Personal Growth

  1. Seek new knowledge
  2. Keep learning. Keep moving forward
  3. Learning keeps your mind agile
  4. Learning inspires you to grow and improve
  5. The more you seek knowledge, the more your confidence will grow

Step 6: Don’t shy away from new Changes

  1. Having applied these steps, you will begin to see the changes in you as the universe opens itself up to you and your potentials
  2. Be ready and prepared for the changes, because they will come
  3. Embrace them
  4. Remember that what you saw as mistakes or failures in the past are sent to TEACH you
  5. Stop looking at them as negative experiences
  6. Failures and mistakes are tools that are sent to help you grow
  7. They are there to show you what you need to improve
  8. And how to improve

SMART Goal Practice

Using S.M.A.R.T Goal Practice to guide, monitor and achieve your goals. S.M.A.R.T goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Use their parameters to ensure that your objectives are attainable and within your chosen time frame.

Specific: Well defined, simple and clear on what needs to be achieved. What outcomes do you need to see to consider the goal accomplished.

Measurable: Gives you the ability to evaluate whether or not you achieved your goal. Make it meaningful and motivating

Achievable:  Goals should be attainable given your available resource and including your knowledge and the time available

Relevant: Your Goals should be important to you and able to make material impact on your larger objectives

Time bound:  Time-based goals are to be achieved in a specific timeframe.

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