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How To Be A More Positive Person

It’s easy to be swept away by all the negative news around us. Sometimes, it is the toxic people that we are associated with, people that constantly put a “Downer” on your mood; but it is time to choose a happy, fulfilled life.


Mindfulness and Gratitude practices means taking time to:

  1. Looking around and acknowledging the plentiful good things in your life
  2. Remember that “Optimism” is a choice that you and I have to make – choose well.
  3. Ditch the “Glass Half Empty” outlook of life, start focusing on the positives today “NO TIME BETTER THAN NOW”!
  4. You really do have a choice on whether to embrace life or be swept away by negativity.


Some of my tips for staying positive and optimistic:

  1. Focus on the Present Moment
  • Look at things in small chunks and focus on the present. Sometimes we race ahead worrying about what might happen in the future; even Einstein couldn’t predict his future!
  • Some of us dwell on past mistakes, if this is you, use MINDFULNESS practice to help you focus in the present moment
  • There are really a lot to enjoy around us, focus on these
  • It is paramount that you enjoy each beautiful moments as they happen, no matter how small. This process changes your perspective, a pathway to joyful existence


  1. Make a Gratitude List
  • I believe in science and it has proven the beneficial effects of Journaling
  • Take the time to think and write about the good things in your life
  • This helps to bring your optimistic self to the front of your mind. This becomes easier over time
  • There are so many things to be grateful for, including:
  • Just simply, being alive today
  • Your health, remember that no matter how it is, some people have it worse
  • Your friends and family
  • Your job etc.

Reflect; meditate on you today, there something to be grateful for


  1. For Your Future – Set Realistic Goals
  • It is scientifically proven that incremental goals and changes are easier to achieve than embarking on large, difficult to achieve goals
  • Setting unrealistic goals may set you up for disappointment
  • Changes that are achieved in small increments have longevity and permanency – they stay with you longer as they are stable changes
  • Start slow and build up momentum as you become more competent
  • Go after your Goals:
  • Nothing ventured = Nothing gained
  • You have to be in the game to win
  • Finally, always give yourself credit for all and any accomplishments you achieve. Be gentle and kind to yourself.


  1. Put Your Goals Into Action Now
  • Do it TODAY
  • Once you’ve identified what you want to achieve;
  • Make a plan and
  • Start taking steps towards them
  • Like everything in this world, the more you do the better and easier it gets!
  • These translate into a more competent and optimistic you, which in turn means happier life


  1. Look Around You – Who is In Your Universe?
  • This may be the first step for some people, ask yourself: Who do you spend your time with? The people around you will impact on your mood
  • Negative and Toxic people, people who are always complaining will drag you down
  • Surround Yourself with positive people
  • People that will support your optimistic ways and life journey


  1. Practice Positive-Thinking
  • It is supported by Science that thinking positive thoughts will improve our mood
  • Practicing Mindfulness will help to quieten down your mind and bring things into focus
  • Start practicing Positive thinking = Whenever you think something negative, counter it with a positive idea
  • You’ll find that, with time; your default setting will become more optimistic


  1. Open Your Mind To New Things & Ideas
  • Mindfulness helps here too
  • Observe things around you
  • Find positives and apply yourself to enjoying them (remember, it is your choice, you control this)
  • Keep learning, keep growing


  1. Find Your Passion
  • Think, what do you find joy in?
  • Your work
  • A hobby, or
  • A cause you that care about
  • What are you passionate about today?
  • Doing what you love makes you positive and optimistic about the future.
  • Pursuing your passions will give your life an energetic purpose and
  • An optimistic future


Let’s repeat these important points:

  • The choice to be happy and optimistic is truly yours
  • Let’s go for it – Positivity & Optimism
  • Let’s start looking at life from the bright side.
  • Grab your happier = It is yours! Don’t let it go to waste.

Optimism gives you a healthier, more enjoyable life.


You can always contact me if you have any question

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