How to change your crippling personal beliefs Philosophy

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How to change your crippling personal beliefs Philosophy

How to change your crippling personal beliefs Philosophy

In this article, we’ll address how you can change any crippling personal beliefs, change adverse philosophy.

We all sometimes have self-doubts. For most of us, this happens very few times and is quickly forgotten. For others, however, this controls them and their quality of life. Most people in this state of mind think they have to live like this forever because it is what they grow up knowing.

This is not true. Life should not (constantly) feel like a hell, with unending adversities. One major aspect that controls our happiness is  Crippling Personal Beliefs, in other words, our  “Philosophy”. Any chance of achieving personal happiness depends on your ability to change beliefs that negatively affect your personal growth

One of the tactics that worked for me, helping me to achieve financial stability and phenomenal change to my perception came from David Bach’s book “Start Over, Finish Rich”. I’ll explain how this worked for me. My problems at the time stemmed from having low income coupled with crippling bills and the big one, a dilapidating mindset that was convinced that I’ll never be able to have any money saved at the end of each month.

Then I came across Bach books. One of the saving methods he advocates is called “Pay Yourself First”. There are a few actionable pieces of advice from him but for me, reading and applying the “Pay Yourself First” strategy worked. I didn’t want to believe it would work but I was desperate enough to try it out. I started on a “very” small scale, deciding to invest the least possible. I settled on $50 per month, about 3% of my monthly income at that point. I was worried that I won’t be able to pay all my bills (rent, utility bills, transport to work, food for the month, etc.) without the $50.

The process was easy enough. I opened a separate savings account and deposited the $50. I went about paying for things as I did before but was a bit apprehensive. At the end of the month, I had the $50 in my account BUT still managed to pay my bills. I didn’t starve! The next month was the same, and the months after. By the 8th month, I had $400 in the savings account. I couldn’t believe I had $400 unencumbered cash in my account.  I never had that before. And to crown it all, my bills were all paid. SO IT WORKED!

It was a great feeling to have the cash in my account, but a bigger aspect was the change to my money philosophy. It was phenomenal, so I decided to increase my monthly saving to $80 in the 9th month. I also put aside another $10 for recurring expenses, bills that are paid quarterly or half-yearly.

This experience placed me on the “Savings Ladder”. It also created a big jump in my “Positive Growth” input. It helped change my “Money Philosophy” by shifting my “Doomed Money Mindset”. Although this is a small amount to some people, it showed me that I can be richer than I ever thought possible. The experience made me look at other parts of my life. I began to see that my lifestyle, wellbeing, finances are all in my hands; that I can do things if I believe and set about doing them.

I got the momentum and kept pushing on, looking at areas of my life where I lack control and confidence. The main one was my job prospects. Being able to look inwards and value me more, shifted my fear about changing jobs. I applied for a better-paid job and guess what, I got the job! All these helped to shake off the draining negative input I had around me. I’m happy to say that it’s been up and up since then.

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