How to change your emotions from negativity to positivity

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How to change your emotions from negativity to positivity

How to change your emotions from negativity to positivity – In this article, we are looking at how to Stay Positive.  Our Guide to Positivity examines how to change your emotions from negative to positive. Positivity is a State of Mind and in your control. But how do you change your Negative Energy to Positive?

You start by getting to know your different emotions and what triggers each one-off.  Once you are able to identify these, you need to begin to learn how to regulate your emotions.  

The Following Steps will Help

  • Learn how to rule your emotions
  • Identify how you can track your emotions.

The two points above are vital to any achieving and withholding worthwhile Emotional Health. They are not as difficult as they may seem to you now. They can be easily achieved if you start the process correctly and commit to the process.

The following will help immensely. Monitor and (optimally) regulate:

~ Your rest

~ The food you eat and

~ Living a clean life

You are able to learn and do these if you truly want to. If you notice that any of these is going off-sync, try bringing it in line quickly. If this doesn’t happen quickly, then manipulate it by Will-Power and Intelligence.

For Anyone on Medication: Anyone diagnosed with chemical imbalances and/or under medication, combine this with your medical regimen but let your Doctors know. They’ll be able to adjust things as you get better.

Outside Influences: Like every other aspect in our lives and as stated in my other articles, people and influences around you will impact your Emotional Health. You need to constantly evaluate and be aware of what influences are around you. Who are your friends? Who do you associate with? Which family member(s) bring positivity to you and who’s draining you? What TV programs do you watch? What type of movies do you see? What are the places you gravitate to? Who do you fraternize with?  Are these positive, re-affirming places and people? If not, then drop them like a hot potato.

It is proven that positive emotions create a positive life. The effect that bad company has on us is so relevant that it’s recognized in Psychiatry. It’s called “Relationship Illness”

Holistic, Gentle Exercise (such as Yoga): Yoga is great, gentle Yoga if you have limited movement. We are basically animals and our physiology is not made for sitting in front of the television or computer all day.

Fresh air and exercise help cleanse the chakra (areas in your body that connect with your life energy). Again, those limited in their movement may want to try Chair-Exercise or similar.

Meditation & Practicing Mindfulness: Meditation work on a deeper level than our intellect state. They are great for our physical body and our soul. Fortunately, meditation is easy to practice. It doesn’t require expensive equipment, nor does it take up loads of space. All you need is yourself and a quiet corner.

There are many different techniques. The common denominator across all the techniques is that Meditation evokes inner stillness, quietude; it is a conduit for introspection in our noisy world.

The benefits (even when done for a few minutes a day) are invaluable. Meditation joins our intellect self with our visceral and emotional self. It is the emotion’s food and massage. Immersing yourself in your meditation will help you see that “Nothing is Permanent”. As said earlier, most of us know this intellectually. It is imperative that you know this Viscerally too to enable you to float above any problems you may think you have!

Meditation will help you alleviate your suffering(s) as it is a pathway to you experiencing impermanence which in turn leads you to the ability to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage.

Finally, Meditation will change your relationship with Negative Emotions and situations that come with Negative Emotions. With Meditation, you find that instead of being all-consuming, you’ll see (formerly) troubling issues float by you into the horizon!

IN CONCLUSION: Like with my Lifestyle-Changes articles, I advocate baby steps here. Focus on all the positive changes you achieve. They will help you keep the momentum. The human cognitive system is an intelligent one and will, with time recognize and accept your new, improved “Self” as the deal!

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