How to Change Your Negative Mindset

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How to Change Your Negative Mindset

How to Change Your Negative Mindset

In looking at changing a Negative Mindset, we look at how to Build Confidence, Confidence Building Activities, Confidence Building Exercises, including Building Confidence for our Kids. Everything in our lives is connected. In my other articles (“Lifestyle Changes” and “Good Emotional Health”) I discussed the effects of being in the wrong environment.

The damages caused by being surrounded by the wrong people and how this affects your effectiveness. The same applies to one’s mindset. You will be buried in the “Lose Mindset” if you’re constantly around people struggling financially, (your neighbors, family, your children’s school teacher, etc.), people who can’t pay their monthly bills and are endlessly struggling to make ends meet.

It is proven that when we are in a negative social environment, it is virtually impossible to have a positive mindset. This is because you won’t have any other points of reference. It is impossible to think differently about money than what is around you. A poor social environment where everybody is struggling financially becomes your default option. This, unfortunately, equates to “Financial Failure and Defeat “.

Your only chance to succeed in such circumstances is to overwhelm the negative inputs. You do so by infusing positivity in you and around you. We know that replacing negative surroundings/inputs with positives will surely change your thinking and mindset.

This, in turn, changes your core and results to positives.  For a successful outcome, the amount of positive inputs you apply is important. Scarce input of positivity will not suffice. You need to immerse yourself in it, often and for long periods of time. This state of mind gradually becomes the new you.

Bearing the following in mind may help you see what you’re fighting against. Remember that this is a circle which without a change of sort, simply leads you back to where you started (Lose-Mind-set).

It goes like this:

  • Your social environment shaped your philosophy about money.
  • Your philosophy shaped your beliefs.
  • Your beliefs shaped your actions.
  • Your actions shaped your results.
  • The results reinforced your philosophy.

And on it goes. This, like all circles, is closed with no exit way! You essentially go round and return to the same starting point, meaning being sentenced to struggling with money all your life.

The only way out of the circle is to change something.  The easiest change would be your actions as they are the only thing you can control. Here are three things to focus on to achieve change(s):

  • Changing your “Social Environment”
  • Changing your “Personal Beliefs (Philosophy)”
  • Repair/Build Up Your Credit Scoring

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