How to eliminate stress in your life

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How to eliminate stress in your life


We’re looking at how to eliminate Stress, Stress Oil, Anti-Stress Meditation, Breathing techniques, manage stress.

How to eliminate stress in your life! It is extremely important that the stresses we have in life are reduced as often as we can. Mastering the act of “Deep Breathing”  is a quick, simple and effective way of managing stress. Using the Breath Technique correctly does wonderful things in your body, including help with insomnia.

“Deep Breathing” is known as a quick remedy for stress, anxiety, and even high blood pressure. It costs nothing, it can be done anywhere including in a crowded room, and its effect is immediate!

All it entails is taking very deep breaths, filling your lungs to the bottom of your tummy (my children call this area the FREEZER AREA), and then slowly exhale. Some people count this out to have better control, say counting to 7 inhaling and 9 countings to exhaling. Some people prefer their eyes closed especially if you are alone. This helps the concentration.

“Deep Breathing” technique does wonder to the Chakra (areas in your body that connect with your life energy). It also calms your internal system and energizes your body.

I have articles on Personal Growth & Wellnessvisit where I wrote in greater depth.

Here’s a Summary:

  1. Say YES to yourself! Make it a priority. Make your health a priority
  2. Be intentional.
  3. Figure out one or two habits you can apply and/or change in your life to help you feel less pressured.
  4. Say no to something by cutting out of things in your schedule that are not serving you
  5. Start meditation or yoga
  6. Create a soothing night-time routine
  7. Pamper yourself like get a massage once a week
  8. Pick up a hobby you really love to do

One cannot overstate the following important points in any journey to a Healthier Lifestyle. Simple things like drinking warm tea every morning while you quietly contemplate what you’re grateful for can have an impact on your stress levels.

  • Focus on each positive change you achieved and reward yourself.
  • Persevere no matter what.
  • Don’t overdo things. Baby steps all the way. This will help you keep your momentum and in turn makes each change you achieve deeply ingrained as a part of you. That is THE NEW YOU”!

~Pat Clough

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