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Guided Prayer Journal For Men

$14.99 - $39.99

Undated Bible Journal for Men that can be used personally by individuals or Men’s Bible Study Group. It can be used daily, weekly or monthly to record your life journey, your goals, prayer requests etc. This is a full one year (52 Weeks) Affirmation Journal and Prayer Prompts for Self Help & Devotional.

This “Prayer Planner Diary” is large at 10 x 0.52 x7inches with a generous space for Goals and Projects, Creative Problem Solving, Actions, Reflections and Progress Monitoring.

The “Life Balance Wheel” helps with clarity, showing at a glance what areas of your life need working on, exploring and/or fixing.

The “Color Therapy” has meaningful Religious images that give you a hands-on spiritual engagement that soothes and helps clear the mind.

You have more than 100 relevant Bible scripture verses and good prompts for help with your reflections. The scripture verses will inspire you to write down your thoughts and think through your prayer requests, affirmations and thanksgiving to God.

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