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Guided Prayer Journal For Young Men

$12.99 - $24.99

A Young Man’s journal with Spiritual and Prayer guide. Research shows that writing down your thoughts, feelings, and actions helps stabilize the mind and the maintenance of a good sense of self. Spiritual Journaling and reflecting on Bible verses help in our overall life experiences.

This Journal has some intelligent aspects, that differentiate it from others. It has more than a hundred Bible guides & prompts. Also a “life balancing wheel”. These are all good for your Self-Care and mapping out your life journey.

The journal is updated which means that “YOU” control how and when each page is used, whether daily, weekly or monthly. It can therefore last you a whole year or even longer. This gives you, one place to journal your thoughts, feelings, mood, reflections; gratefulness, and memories – one location to unpack the thoughts and chatter in your awesome head. Enjoy 🙏

Here are some of the Life Issues the book covers:

  • Faithfulness & Thanksgiving
  • Determination & Aspiration
  • Adversity & Trials
  • Past Torments & Renew Of Faith
  • A Christian Heart
  • Prayers For The Hardened Heart
  • Wisdom
  • Strength In My Belief
  • Worldly Possessions
  • Forgiveness
  • Prayer For Our World
  • Peace Of Mind

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