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Peak Productivity, Flow State

Peak Productivity, Flow State….. The Science behind Ernest Hemingway’s productivity advice


Peak Productivity: Ernest Hemingway, renowned for his literary genius, was not only a master storyteller but also a source of wisdom when it came to productivity. One of his pieces of advice that has stood the test of time is, “The best way to better productivity is always to stop when you are going good and when you know what will happen next.” While this may initially seem counterintuitive, there is indeed scientific reasoning behind Hemingway’s approach.


Flow State and Productivity

Hemingway’s advice aligns with the concept of achieving a state of flow. Flow, also known as being “in the zone,” is a psychological state where an individual becomes fully absorbed and immersed in an activity. In this state, they experience heightened focus, creativity, and a deep sense of satisfaction from the task at hand.


Flow is a delicate balance where the challenges of the task align with the individual’s skills and abilities. It’s during this state that productivity soars. However, maintaining flow for extended periods can be challenging. This is where Hemingway’s advice becomes valuable.


The Role of Cognitive Exhaustion

According to research on cognitive fatigue, our cognitive resources are not limitless. Engaging in a mentally demanding task for an extended period can lead to a state of exhaustion, diminishing our ability to concentrate and perform at our best. Interrupting the flow at the right time can help prevent cognitive exhaustion and maintain productivity over the long haul.


By stopping when you are going good, as Hemingway suggests, you break away before the onset of mental fatigue. This not only allows you to conserve your cognitive resources but also clears the path for a smoother transition when you resume the task. When you know what will happen next, your subconscious mind continues to work on the task while you take a break, priming you for a seamless resumption of productivity.


The Power of Incubation

Another scientific principle that supports Hemingway’s advice is the power of incubation. Incubation refers to the subconscious processing that occurs when we step away from a problem or task. Studies have shown that during incubation periods, our minds continue to work on unresolved issues, often leading to breakthroughs, innovative ideas, or fresh perspectives.


By stopping when you are going good, you provide your subconscious mind with time and space to process information and make connections that may have eluded you while in the midst of intense focus. This mental incubation allows for a deeper understanding, improved problem-solving, and enhanced creativity when you return to the task.


Applying Hemingway’s Advice

To apply Hemingway’s advice effectively, it is crucial to develop self-awareness and recognize your own signs of diminishing productivity or mental fatigue. Being attuned to your cognitive capacity and knowing when to take a break enables you to maximize your productivity while avoiding burnout.


Experiment with different work intervals and observe when your focus starts to wane. When you feel the flow diminishing, take a short break. Engage in a different activity or simply step away and let your mind rest. Allow yourself to detach from the task while keeping a clear understanding of what needs to be done next.


Also, pay attention to your own energy cycles and circadian rhythms. Working in alignment with your natural energy peaks and troughs can contribute to better productivity overall.


As with any productivity advice, it’s essential to find what works best for you. Hemingway’s approach of stopping when you are going good and knowing what will happen next is supported by the science of flow states, cognitive exhaustion, and incubation. By implementing this approach mindfully, you can optimize your productivity, maintain focus, and achieve greater success in your endeavors.


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