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Find Inspiration for Stable and Consistent Alignment

Alignment Resources

Find Inspiration for Stable and Consistent Alignment

  • Here is Practice Aid for You & Your Loved Ones
  • Create Your Personal Template for Alignment
  • Enrich Your Journey with Mindfulness, Journaling, Gratitude and Other Practices


Apart from aiding your manifestation practices, JOURNALING helps to improve mental health, to boost your memory, confidence, your emotional intelligence and help you to achieve your goals. It inspires creativity, enhances critical thinking skills heightens for improved performance.

All this means that you begin to track self-limiting symptoms and address triggers on a daily basis, giving you the ability to recognise things quickly and get them under control.

Journaling will help you to improve your mood and gives you an opportunity for self-positive –talk

Journals with Prompts and Guides

For Life Balance & Alignment

Guided Journal for Women With Meaningful Prompts 

Guided Journal for Young Women With Meaningful Prompts 

Guided Journal for Young Men With Meaningful Prompts 

Guided Journal for Men With Meaningful Prompts 


Everyone needs inspiration at some point. Motivational quotes provide us with burst of wisdom to help us to get our focus back. These quotes are powerful; they will motivate, inspire and encourage you.  All you have to do is use this power to propel into your new, aligned life-phase. Continuous use will solidify your self-belief and enhanced wellbeing. Start today, there’s no better time than the present!

These are amazing resources that combine the four transformative practices

  • Quotes with Coloring Therapy
  • Purposeful l Prompts
  • Wheel of Life

All the quotes are presented in a meaningful format that will help you to clear out the cache of your old fear and behaviours. Let’s go ahead and lower your stresses.

These quotes will energize you, prompt you to take action with clearer insight and wisdom for defined optimism and hope.



Coloring Therapy with Life Wheels

Coloring Therapy is great for Relaxation, Healing and Stress Relief. It increases DOPAMINE, our feel-good neurotransmitter and helps to reduce stress, leaving you feeling mentally clear and calm.

Unleash your creativity with Beautiful Ladies’ Mindfulness Coloring Therapy. Dive in; lose yourself in the gorgeous images and meaningful phrases. 

Research has shown that “Coloring Therapy” is great for Relaxation, Healing and Stress Relief. “Coloring Therapy” helps with mental clarity and calmness

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