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Stress Relieving Animal & Mindfulness Coloring Therapy For Adult


Research has shown that “Coloring Therapy” is great for Relaxation, Healing and Stress Relief. “Coloring Therapy” helps with mental clarity and calmness

Tap into your creativity with this book, it has loads of Inspirational, Motivational and Calming Quotes plus really good animal images, all will help you to relax and to tap into other health enhancing benefits, such as:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Mood Improvement
  • Enhanced Mindfulness
  • Improved Focus Level
  • Improved Brain Functions
  • Improved Motor Skills


The Life Wheel in the book is a practical and flexible tool for you to use to assess your life needs and set goals to meet them. Life Wheel is a beautiful, simple but powerful tool that will help you identify any areas of imbalance and to create the appropriate goals and priorities to meet them.                        

This book is a great fun way to calm down your mind. Enjoy the powerful and graceful Animal images. Use the quotes for motivation and inspiration. You have more than sixty four large artworks (A4 sizes) – a combination of images and meaningful quotes. Color and draw with calming pleasure. Each image and phrase has a blackened back to enable you to cut them out to frame, display and treasure your final art.

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Coloring Therapy is great for Relaxation, Healing and Stress Relief.

Unleash your creativity with Beautiful Ladies’ Mindfulness Coloring Therapy.

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