What is your credit score?

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What is your credit score?

What is your credit score?: Are Store-Value Cards Down-Payment Credit-Karma best-Credit-score 680-good free-Credit-Score important? Here we cover a simple Guide to building a good credit history and in turn enhance and getting a good credit score:

  1. Using Secured Credit Card: You can use this if your bank refused you a card, but they can issue a Secured Credit Card which backed with a cash deposit. The credit limit here will be the amount you deposited. Using this for 6 months will put you in a better position to successfully get a regular credit card. You can then convert this secured card to a regular Card which is an unsecured card. With this, you get on the right path to building your credit history.
  1. There are few companies that can give you a small loan to help you get on the grid of the credit system. These are known as Credit Builder Loans. These companies may require a deposit but the good thing is that you’ll get into the Credit Scoring system and build your credit history.
  2. Co-Signer Card: This is where relatives or close friends put you on their credit product. You use their good credit history to get started. Bear in mind that because you are a co-signer, you will be liable for any of your defaults. It is important that you are ready for this before embarking on this route.
  3. Authorized User on Someone Else’s Credit Card: This, like Co-signer, is done through relatives or close friends. Here you become a user on their credit card with all the benefits of a credit card but you will not be obligated to pay for charges.

My Tips:

  • Start now, acknowledge and believe that your position is not set in stone.
  • Look at alternatives such as Store-Value Cards, Down-Payment Credit-Karma best
  • Use Credit-score companies like Credit-score 680 and free-Credit-Score websites
  • Put something small in motion, observe the results.
  • Let the effects of the results percolate through your philosophy and money beliefs.
  • Let it affect your mindset. You need the effects to go through your being and your psyche for a chance to change your “Poor-Mentality” mindset.
  • If you are one of the lucky ones that have entrepreneur mindset, read up and look online on how you can do business without investing your money. There are companies looking for people to represent them for a commission.

What is your credit score?

  • Use your hobby or expertise to make extra income. It’s now easy to use hobbies such as walking (use your knowledge of an area you know well to be a guide), photography (there are lots of enthusiasts that will pay for your time and a chance to meet like-minded people) to make money. Start a “Guide” and “Sharing Experience” businesses. There many different areas this can be applied to and website portals that cover these. Contact me if you need help developing this further.
  • Meet new people, expand your horizon!
  • Save part of any income you receive. Do this as soon as your salary comes into your bank account. Start with a small part, 2% to 3% and increase the amount once you can do so. Try not to put too much away as it may be difficult to maintain a higher amount in the future. This may de-rail your efforts.
  • Remember, never give up. These few things will set you on your way to bolder actions and better results.

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