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Embracing Emotional Intelligence by Leaders: A Two-Part Series Introduction:Welcome to a two-part series on Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Leaders. In this first instalment, we will dive into the fundamental aspects of Emotional Intelligence, with a specific focus on Emotional Regulation and Resilience. We will also explore the importance of Emotional Intelligence for effective Leadership, Emotional Regulation
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Promoting Workplace Innovation: Insights from Cognitive Sciences In today’s rapidly changing work landscape, fostering innovation within your workplace is crucial to stay competitive and drive your growth. As a Certified Neuroscience Peak Performance Coach (with Patclough.com), I will discuss here, how leveraging insights from cognitive sciences can help you identify effective strategies that will promote innovation in
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The Remarkable Benefits of Autophagy FastingHave you heard of Bryan Johnson, the 45-year-old Tech CEO who consumes his final meal of the day at 11 am in an effort to reverse his biological age back to 18? Mr. Johnson practices a form of "Time Restricted Eating," also known as Intermittent Fasting, with the goal of
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The Hunter Method for ProductivityThe Hunter Method is a task management and productivity approach named after Dan Hunter, a productivity coach. The method focuses on breaking down tasks into manageable steps and prioritizing them effectively.I like this because as a Certified Neuro-Science Peak Performance Coach, I know that our conscious mind only account for 5%
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DEFINITION OF SELF RESPECT - The Most Alluring Human Trait! WHAT IS SELF RESPECT? Self-respect is when you like yourself for who you are, the ability to have a positive and realistic view of oneself, regardless of external evaluations or comparisons. Self-respect involves accepting your strengths and weaknesses, values and dignity, and acting accordingly.People with self-respect
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Cultivating a Positive Mind-set: The Cognitive Science Way of Managing Negative Thoughts Managing Negative thoughts: It is normal to experience occasional negative thoughts, such as self-doubt, anxiety or pessimism, especially when facing challenging situations. However, these thoughts can become problematic if they are frequent and persistent. As a Certified Peak Performance Coach, I help my clients
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